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Baby Pacifier packaging design

I have always loved making illustrations and drawings for children. Since my baby was born, topics for young children have appeared in more and more of my work. I have come across many brands for children, products and their packaging over the last 2 years. I know from personal experience that the first thing that catches the attention of customers is the visual appearance of the product or brand, as it is encountered primarily when they enter a store, shop or search on the Internet. I have always loved the unique and beautiful packaging solutions that stand out from the competition with their design and attract attention. That is why I chose to illustrate and design the image of a company selling young childrens’ products and the individual packaging of one of their products.
The idea was inspired by the birth of my little son. I thought that I would like to create a custom pacifier box packaging in which the product can be creatively placed. I first sketched the design of the box on paper. During the design process, I weighed the exact dimensions of a pacifier, for which I calculated and designed the structure and the dieline template of the box itself. The uniqueness of the packaging is given by the placement of the pacifier and the illustration created. First, I designed the illustrations of the pets on paper. I made sketches of several types of characters and then selected three of them to create the graphics for the box. I indicated the obligatory elements on the packaging, such as the description, the barcode, the pictograms related to the different compositions, the indication of the age and, of course, the brand name itself.
In the concept presented, you can get to know three lovely figures on the packaging, the panda, a giraffe and a little monkey.

My work has been selected out of 500+ entries by a renowned international jury to Magyar Tervezőgrafika TOP 100 publication.

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